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Residential Staff

Summer Institutes Residential Counselors are undergraduates and graduates primarily from Stanford who supervise program participants in residential life and have a passion for teaching and mentoring others. The counselors serve a dual role: on the residential side they ensure students are in a safe and nurturing environment that is also fun and engaging, and on the academic side they work as teaching assistants for courses in their fields of study. Each residence typically has five to seven counselors, one of whom serves as the Head Counselor, who has more experience and takes on a larger set of responsibilities. Additional positions including Camp Nurses, Activities Coordinators, Supplies Coordinators, Senior Residential Assistants, and Residential Directors help ensure a smooth-running and safe program for all participants.

I loved all our counselors. Not only were they people I looked up to, they were also my friends. All the counselors were very easy to relate to and shared their experiences at Stanford with us, which really inspired me to work harder. "

-Topics in Politics and Public Policy, 2010 Participant