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The courses at the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes are taught primarily by Stanford affiliates selected for expertise in their fields as well as their ability and experience in teaching students in the Summer Institutes age range. Daily classroom instruction is occasionally supplemented with guest lectures and special projects. The Residential Counselors also serve as teaching assistants, so the academic and social components of the program are tightly integrated. These counselors are primarily Stanford undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing majors in the subject areas of the Summer Institutes courses. Additional teaching assistants provide instructional support on a drop-in basis. The ratio of instructional staff to students is approximately 1 to 5.

“Our instructor was very good at explaining difficult concepts and responding to our questions. She went out of her way to find answers to our questions if she did not already know them. She was also good at designing activities that increased both our interest and our knowledge."

– Topics in Bioscience and Biotechnology, 2012 participant