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Admitted Students

If an applicant were admitted into a course occurs in both sessions, the Summer Institutes may consider requests for session changes.  All requests must be made via email and are subject to space limitations and therefore must be requested as early as possible.  Applicants may one request one session change per year. 

The Summer Institutes offer plenty of afternoon and evening free time during which participants can practice their sports, or devote time to personal activities. However, we do not recommend committing to any specific athletic competitions or other scheduled training obligations during the Summer Institutes.

University policies do not allow conference or camp participants access to the gym facilities.  Participants can use their sign out privileges to go on morning or evening runs or work with resistance bands in and around their residence.  Please be aware however that the Summer Institutes academic schedule is rigorous, so if a participant is on a strict training plan, the program may not be best suited for their athletic goals.

Some past participants have made arrangements with campus facilities and athletics programs to allow some training while they are at Stanford.  Any and all arrangements of this nature must be made without the assistance of the Summer Institutes and may not interfere with a participant’s ability to fully partake in the program.

Informal campus tours will be provided by our own staff, as most of them are Stanford students and are very familiar with the campus. If participants are interested in a more formal tour of the campus, they should make arrangements independently.  Please note that these arrangements must not interfere with any scheduled program activities.

While not guaranteed, a representative from the Stanford Office of Undergraduate Admissions is often scheduled to give a presentation to program participants during their stay at Stanford.

If participants are interested in a more formal meeting with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, they must make arrangements independently.  Please note that these arrangements must not interfere with any scheduled program activities.

The round that an applicant selects when typing in their recommender's information has no effect on what round the application will be reviewed during.  Applications will be reviewed in the round in which they are submitted submitted. The information entered on the recommender page serves as a guide for recommenders the date by which they should complete their recommendation.  If an applicant chooses to postpone submitting their application to a later round, they do not need to make any changes to this date. 

Because our courses are not for credit or grades, we do not commit to the same curriculum year after year, and therefore standard syllabi are not available. Participants do not need to do any reading or fulfill course assignments prior to their arrival on campus and will receive a syllabus or course overview from their instructor when the course begins.

After the first few days of the program, once students have oriented themselves to the campus, participants will receive sign out privileges from their head counselor. Participants can only walk around the main campus, and may not go to the mall or off campus.  Wandering elsewhere may result in students losing their sign out privileges. 

The Summer Institutes do not provide the instructor’s contact information to students or parents before the start of the program. Instructors work for the Summer Institutes on contract and will be fully available to the students during the program but not before. Parents and students will also have the opportunity to meet their course instructor during the welcome BBQ on the first day of the program.

Applicants are reviewed on a course by course basis, therefore qualifying for one course does not mean an applicant will be selected for a different course.

Each applicant is reviewed for their first choice in relation to other students from the applicant pool. If they are not admitted to their first course choice, they are then reviewed for their subsequent choices in the order listed on their application. If an applicant is admitted to a course that is not their first choice, they were not admitted to their first choice and selected for an alternate preference based on their application qualifications. 

Switching courses is not an option.

Applicants are only reviewed for the courses and sessions listed on their original application. Due to the large number of applications we receive, we are not able to add additional course or session preferences to an application after it is submitted.

The Summer Institutes employs certified nurses who assist with the medical care of participants. In the event of a participant illness or injury that cannot be treated by the nurses, a staff member will transport the participant to either the Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s (PAMF) Urgent Care Center (for noncritical medical care) or to the Stanford Health Care (SHC) Hospital Emergency Room (for critical or after hours care) depending on the medical services they require. Program staff will contact parents/guardians in the event that a participant receives medical care, and will remain in contact until the issue is resolved.

The PAMF Urgent Care Center, located near the Stanford University campus, provides standard, non-critical health care services (such as care for minor cuts, colds, and sprains) to summer youth program participants including foreign participants even if they do not have U.S. medical insurance. Medical insurance is not required to attend the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes, but we strongly recommend that each participant have sufficient medical insurance while attending the program.

As PAMF does not bill foreign based insurance companies, international participants are strongly encouraged to obtain medical insurance from a U.S. provider for the duration of their stay at Stanford.  Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes does not provide medical insurance and cannot assist families in working with insurance companies to obtain U.S. medical insurance. PAMF maintains a list of insurance health plans that they accept at We encourage participant's families to contact PAMF and their insurance provider to see if they will be covered in the event of medical treatment.

All participants should be prepared to pay a deposit at the time of service at either PAMF or SHC hospital, and non-U.S. patients must allow the medical facility to copy their passport. Later, they will receive a final bill from the medical facilities for care received. If final changes are less than the deposit, the difference will be refunded to the home address provided. Please note that if a participant is uninsured and is taken to the SHC Emergency Room, the participant will not be refused treatment, but will be billed at a later time.

It is very important to ensure that all prescriptions and medications, especially EpiPens, are up to date and will not expire during the program.


Participants are expected to be fully involved in the program while at Stanford. Participants are required to be present for all academic activities and any scheduled recreational activities (i.e. field trips).  Our programs are designed for participants to attend all recreational activities so they get a well-rounded experience outside of the classroom.  Participants should be sure they do not have any commitments during scheduled activities. 

Participants will have free time in the evenings after dinner and on one day each weekend when they can be signed out.  Activities Coordinators and Resident Counselors may use this free time to schedule house events and required meetings.  In addition, free time is a critical part of the program when participants can build relationships with their housemates.  We discourage participants from being signed out during their free time for more than a few hours at a time.